Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen, San Luis Obispo


So my dear momma Rita’s maiden name is “Pagano” aka- Italianoooooo! Both her grandparents grew up in Italy and her parents were both 100 percent Italian, making me 50% Italian and 100% Foodie!! Yep- Italian and proud of it. My grandpa and his brothers had pizza shops all across San Diego while growing up and there are even a few in business still- so fun! So put that all together and this Italian girl has some mad respect for homemade cannoli and some legit calzones. I was super excited to see some of these cravings met as well as some great Italian goods here in our small little SLO town. I grew up hitting up downtown Little Italy in San Diego when we had our basic Italian pantry needs so the atmosphere and smell at¬†Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen¬†brought me right back to some childhood memories. I was loving all the warm wood cieleing beams too, check out out!!

Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0000

All your Italian Pantry needs from dried capers to 00 flour for some yummy pizza!

Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0001Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0002Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0003

I was drooling over this gorgeous wood cutting island block, oh I bet there were some amazing stories told around this piece. SO much history and age in it, love love love!

Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0004Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0005Some homemade frozen “on the go” for those last minute dinner nights? Heck yes!

Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0006Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0007Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0008

We may have already eaten lunch but we couldn’t resist out sweet tooth’s!

Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0009Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0010Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0011Piemontes Italian Delicatessen_0012


I will have to take Momma Rita soon!



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