Old Jean Lunch Pale

So remember last week when I said I was purging? Well that may have resorted in a few more projects! ha! What can I say I hate to waste perfectly good materials- especially when you have a great idea. Since going to Cal Poly and being enrolled in many sustainable classes that stressed being eco friendly, thinking innovatively and recyingly- it kinda has snuck it’s way into my life here and there. No I don’t have a compost pile (although I would like one soon!), no I don’t re-use my shower water to water the plants (sorry!), buttttttt today I will save some paper/plastic bags! And hey that’s a step in the right direction. Plus I will do it oh so stylishly….


Old Jeans




jean lunch pale_0000

I started by cutting my jeans at the knee…

jean lunch pale_0001

Next I turned the jeans inside out….

jean lunch pale_0002

To create my “bag” I needed to stitch up the bottom hole…

jean lunch pale_0003

Once I had it all stitched up I turned the bag back inside out to have normal seems…

jean lunch pale_0004

Next I measured my belt so that I had about a six inch long strip…snip!

jean lunch pale_0005

And lastly I snipped the connecting side…

jean lunch pale_0006

Now it’s time to connect the belt to the jeans, this part was a little trickier for me since I had to do it all right side out plus make sure it was straight. You will want to leave about a hand’s width flap to create the section where you will “roll” up your lunch pale.

jean lunch pale_0007

And then attach your smaller side of the belt to the bottom of the jeans…

jean lunch pale_0008

Here is the completed top!

jean lunch pale_0009

Stuff your baggie, roll up the top and it’s ready to be fastened!

jean lunch pale_0010

Saving bags couldn’t be much more stylish?

jean lunch pale_0011

Happy Friday Zesties!



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