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The count down to friends and family arriving for the holidays is almost exhausted!  Judging by the crowds at Costco today, I am sure you have been busy stocking up on all sorts of yummy treats to make your kitchen warm and memorable this time of year.  It is the time for grabbing yummy cheeses, rich pates, decadent chocolates, airy champagnes and whatever else that makes the holidays sing.  I bet you have some sweet dinners planned and some amazing recipes to share.  There is just something magical about celebrations and food.

I hope this week is filled with laughter in your kitchen.  But, we also hope you get a chance to sit and enjoy, as well.  Sometimes, you simply have to turn the oven off and avoid washing one more dish!  When you find yourself itching for that moment of slowdown, I suggest a leisurely lunch where conversation, not activity, is paramount.  Find a restaurant that is big on atmosphere, fine food, and beckons you to linger a while.  On the Central Coast, our go-to is Novo!
novo_0000Sam and I were especially ready for a little down time, now that we just finished our final Christmas parties.  It is time to relax a bit and soak up some hang time!  Honestly, there are few better places than this sweet restaurant that overhangs the creek and is canopied by trees filled with twinkle lights.novo_0001In celebration, we kicked things off with some special cocktails from the awesome mixologists at Novo.

Ruby Kiss

deep eddy ruby red vodka / cointreau fresh grapefruit / up

Farmer’s Tea

vodka / gin / triple sec / rum / citrus / cilantro pomegranate / up

novo_0002Next up, we devoured some of my favorites!

novo lettuce wraps
butter leaf lettuce cups, vegetables, house made sauces, roasted peanuts and tombo tuna (gf) 

potato samosas
indian spiced potatoes in wonton skins dipped in hot oil with mint chutney and yogurt (vo, s)

I think I could eat these samosas EVERYDAY.  The spice of the potatoes are perfectly balanced with the cooling of mint chutney and yogurt.  In my book, these are the perfect comfort food!


Who could resist some meat on a stick?

singapore chicken satay
grilled marinated thigh meat, cucumber salad, peanut sauce

novo_0004Finally, we indulged in one of their creative salads.

novo_0005Ahhhh, small bites to share, cocktails, conversation, and loads of atmosphere! novo_0006novo_0007novo_0008novo_0009Novo is such a dreamy restaurant.  I love the perfect balance between ambiance and palate.  I love this place so much that it is routinely my choice for special occasions….along with random middle of the week lunches.  I hope you get a chance to unwind this holiday season….and if you are near San Luis Obispo, you have gotta do some unwinding here!!

Merry Christmas & bon apetit!!



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