No-Sew Tutu Christmas Tree Skirt

Thrifty Thursday

At it’s heart, this project is thrifty!  And thrifty is more than an adjective around here.  It’s a principle, an aesthetic….and at it’s best, a challenge!

As we deck the halls at this time of year, Sam and I have fun getting creative with found objects or hunted down treasures from thrift stores.  Looking at needs is one approach, but sometimes you find an object that  speaks to you through color and texture.  That was the case with this adorable toddler’s tutu.  The classic red and fluffy layers were begging to make a statement.  Lucky for us, the length turned out to be the perfect fit for hiding the pot of our living Norfolk Christmas tree.



child’s tutu skirt


hot glue gun

ribbon, lace or sash


Cut straight down one side of the tutu, starting at the waist band and working all the way down.


Working with the hot glue gun, I folded the edge down and waited for the glue to make the seam secure.


Next, I cut four equal pieces of ribbon.  Ten to twelve inches is plenty long.


I glued one ribbon along the edge just one inch from the top.  The second ribbon, I attached about four inches from the first ribbon.


Using the hot glue gun yet again, I folded the edge over once more.  I felt like this made the ribbon just a bit more secure for my no-sew tree skirt.

<<Wowzers, word of caution!  You fingers are gonna get hot and messy!!>>


Once I repeated the glueing steps on the opposite edge, my skirt was done.  No sew…no sweat!!!


With a couple of bows tied, our tree was looking all kinds of frilly and flouncy!


I feel like this tree skirt brings all the classic cheeriness of Christmas and the gracefulness of the Nutcracker.  It makes me feel like doing a pirouette.

Deck the halls and be merry!



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