Nino’s Grill in Templeton, CA


We love supporting local businesses during the holidays, and year-round.  It is so cool how a simple meal, or a purchased gift can make such an impact on your community.  That is why when even taking a working lunch, we try to stay as small and local as possible.  Sure, it’s easy to fall into the doors of a chain restaurant, but it is so much more impactful and intentional to break bread at a local restaurant owned by people in your own community….people who frequent the same parks, beaches, trails, schools, shops, churches, synagogues, and the like.  I think it is just awesome!

Such is the case with Nino’s Grill in itty bitty Templeton, CA.  Local and yummy, they make for a great midday meal or a fun night of local music and eats!!


The decor is simple, clean and spacious…perfect for getting cozy and enjoying a longer lunch (albeit with a laptop open on the table and a “TO DO” list handy…I told you, a “working lunch” right?  It’s not a lazy Sunday today peeps! LOL)


After feasting all week, I was in the mood for some greens.  Their salmon salad was on pointe!  The fish was cooked tender and moist, just the way I love it.


But, apparently I was really craving my seafood, cuz we had to dive into their crispy Ahi Wontons as well.  YUM! YUM!


Nino’s Grill is definitely worth a little explore, if you find yourself near Templeton.  Heck, if you are a local, I hope to see you there!

Cheers to eating local, healthy and fresh this lovely Monday after Turkey Day!!  And cheers to avoiding the extra holiday poundage!! LOL  Good luck!!!



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