New Years Eve Confetti Poppers

Minion Monday

Today we are getting in the spirit of New Years- whoop whoop!! Time to grab your kiddos and do some crafting. Especially a nice indoor project like this- Brrrr it’s chilly today!! I found this project originally here  and couldn’t resist but try it myself. After all who doesn’t love the poppers on New years eve night?? These are a much safer route than the explosive fireworks that many are tempted by, especially if you have wee little ones. Ready to get poppin?


Paper cups

Marchers to decorate


Balloons- larger in size

Fun items to fill the cups- confetti,puff balls, etc.

new years confetti poppers_0000

First have the kids decorate the outside of the cups, you like my Lucy drawing? hahahahnew years confetti poppers_0001

Next stab a hole in the bottom of the cup and cut out the entire bottom….new years confetti poppers_0002

Creating a little tunnel from your cupnew years confetti poppers_0003

Next tie your balloon and snip off the end….new years confetti poppers_0004

Stretch the balloon around the base of your cup to create a suction. This is when you want to make sure your balloon is big enough to stretch, sadly my silver ones were too small! Oops!new years confetti poppers_0005new years confetti poppers_0006

Fill your cup with goodies!new years confetti poppers_0007

And bombs away!!

(tip- use lightweight items to launch, when I used heavier items it did not work as well)new years confetti poppers_0008

Now time to clean up the mess?



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