New with Tags Consignment Boutique

Need some new outfits for fall and all the upcoming holidays parties? Or how about a great place to do some early christmas shopping? Well after doing some computer work at Spearhead coffee we were quite excited when we walked past this adorable boutique on the way to the car. Of course we couldn’t help but stop in for a quick peek, that’s no harm right? WRONG! We discovered¬†New with Tags Consignment Boutique¬†– great little gem located near the downtown of Paso Robles. They had a great collection of unique and fun outfits and accessories that were all “new with tags.”


A few things to keep in mind if you are wanting to bring in some clothes….

-they only take items that are “like new” or “new with tags”

-you must make an appointment so be sure to call them at 805 226 5655

-you get 40% of the selling price once they sell

-if you choose to spend your money in the store they will add an additional 20%

– if your items don’t sell after 90 days then you can pick them up of they will be donated to a local women’s shelter os sober living home

Ready to shop??



new_with_tags_pas_robles_0808new_with_tags_pas_robles_0801new_with_tags_pas_robles_0804new_with_tags_pas_robles_0809new_with_tags_pas_robles_0803new_with_tags_pas_robles_0805new_with_tags_pas_robles_0806new_with_tags_pas_robles_0800new_with_tags_pas_robles_0799We managed to grab some pretty cute tops!! Good luck shopping!


Sam & Chanda

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