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Hey y’all! I have been a huge fan and advocate for natural products for forever! I like knowing that the ingredients that are part of my daily regime are both nurturing AND make a difference! (I’m 41 for Pete’s sake! It’s got to make a difference!) I guess my obsession began during my young teenage days when I struggled with cystic acne. The solution back then was retina products, injections into my cysts, and Accutane. Holy moly! I hated all of it, and wound up with the world’s driest skin from the Accutane. It literally changed the nature of my skin and it’s ability to self-moisturize. Let’s just say that lip balm and I are now best friends!
After all of that, I began a life-long mission of discovering how to nurture my skin and respect it…not fight with it! Recognizing that it’s my body’s largest organ was a huge step in the right direction. As I continue to learn, that natural approach has translated to all sorts of elements in my beauty routine. Here are some of my current favs that I am using and loving right now!

I have been “washing” my face with olive oil for years, now! It is so stinkin’ simple, but so amazing. It may sound weird to you, but now that the beauty industry has been jumping on the bandwagon of oils, it may not seem as crazy as it used to sound. Honestly, it is amazing. Olive oil doesn’t mess with your skin’s natural ph level, so it does not stress out your skin. The best part is that it even removes my waterproof mascara!! Get the tutorial on how to wash your face with oil here.

This little product is the newest in my regime (as in just last week). I have always been a huge fan of Lush. Sam and I have had a lot of fun exploring so many of their products, which you can see here in our little tour of our local Lush store. However, my fav right now is Full of Grace facial serum. It is crazy how great this product is on the face. Smelling like roses, this natural product is full of benefits from the portobello mushrooms down to the calming chamomile and calamine! Yep, I said mushrooms, y’all. It’s a solid serum which may seem weird, but you simply melt it in your hands and then apply it to your face. I do this at night and in the morning. Then I just layer my night cream or my sunscreen for happy skin!

Hahaha, this one is great! It is multipurpose y’all, not just for baby butts! LOL Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment is fantastic for my eyes and all my laugh lines! I refuse to call them “crow’s feet,” nope these bad boys were earned through years of not being afraid to laugh out loud and proud!

Moving away fro my skin, my natural product obsession has spread to my haircare! I am always changing up my hair, but when I decide to wear it with my natural waves, Shea Moisture makes my hair the happiest! This company has an incredible story you can read on any of it’s products. It started with a young widow making and selling natural products in Africa to support her children…and has grown into an international family business. So cool! How it makes my hair feel and behave is crazy good, too. I start with wet, clean hair. Then, I layer on the leave-in conditioner, seal it with some argan oil, and then follow it with the Curl Enhancing Smoothie before hitting it with a diffuser. The shine and bounce of healthy hair is beautiful!

Last up for today, my favorite new toothpaste! Don’t get me wrong, I like making my own toothpaste and you can get some of our recipes here and here, but sometimes grabbing something off a shelf is just more practical. So many of the “healthy” brands still contain products like glycerin that may help in shielding from stains, but prevents your teeth from absorbing nutrients and healing themselves. Yep, you heard me right. Just like your skin, teeth are porous and want to absorb nutrients. A healthy diet can seriously help with oral health, but not if they are sealed with products like glycerin. Coral White is awesome not only because it omits glycerin, but it also strengthens your teeth with calcium from sea coral. The mint flavor is amazing, but I adore the bacterial fighting power in their tea tree oil flavored paste. It’s refreshing and not strong at all.

And that’s a wrap! Five of my favorite natural products for you to explore. Hope you get a chance to check them out for yourselves! Shoot me any questions you may have in the comment area below!

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