Natural Bath Ingredients

Who doesn’t love a good bath? Especially when it is windy, rainy, or even snowing outside? Generally after a long week I will challenge myself to try and take a bath. I grab my homemade little shelf, pour a glass of wine and light a candle while I de-compress the week away. I think I feel better already after just typing that line? But why not just help my body mentally? There are so many extra ingredients you can add to your bath to help physically too!! Today we are going to explore some new ingredients to zest up your bath. Don’t be alarmed with how many are food products- it just means they are packed with good stuff for you!!

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Have you jumped on the essential oils wagon yet? There are so many fabulous natural uses to essential oils. From skin issues to stress and inflammation- the list could go on for quite some time. With that said there an essential oil or blend of oils that can really help with anything your moody or body might be craving. To see a great list compiled by Jolene Hart go here. The main thing to know is not to drop the oil immediately into the tub, the  heat will cause the oils and all the therapeutic benefits to evaporate more quickly. Rather you should drop the oils into a cup of whole milk or olive oil and then add to tub.

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Now for some great combo inspiration? How about a milk + roses + honey bath?? Or how about a coconut oil + ginger + epsom salt bath? You feeling me? The combos are endless especially when you add essential oils to the mix.


Happy Bathing Zesters!



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