My 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

462Sam-Billy(W)Today marks 2 years of marriage for me and Billy, oh how time flies! It has been an eventful two years from Billy getting 2 Fire jobs, me graduating, to creating Zest it Up, to getting our little Lucy, traveling, and now hopefully getting a new home! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband who loves and supports me in all I do. Thought we would take a trip down memory lane today and get some inspirations from my own wedding?!

Location: See Canyon Fruit Ranch (Avila)

Video: Check it out! We love Zach and Wendy at Stillwater Cinematography.

Photography: Jay C.  Winters 

488Sam-Billy(W)Ready for this?? Sam and Billy wedding this way…..

510Sam-Billy(W)In case you were wondering how we met and our little story…

440Sam-Billy(W)267Sam-Billy(W)351Sam-Billy(W)246Sam-Billy(W)244Sam-Billy(W)253Sam-Billy(W)515Sam-Billy(W) My dad helped me design these cute fans as my program and then guests were thrilled to cool off on a hot summer day!508Sam-Billy(W)

I snagged this couch off craigslist for $75 and had it reupholstered in nuteral colors so i can use it in my home to decorate after the wedding. This is the couch we sat on while washing eachother’s feet 🙂
466Sam-Billy(W)Billy and I wanted to do a project together to cover up an area in the barn, so we built this divider out of old fence boards, a door, and some shutters- check it out here!



Definitely one of the most memorable moments at the wedding, literally being held up by the people I love most. Thanks for all your support friends and family! (thanks for not dropping me too!)

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane, Happy Anniversary B!


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