As we inch to the New Year and come out of holiday season I know all you peeps will be making your  “let’s eat healthy” resolutions, so today I bring you your last fatty burger of 2014 and how to really live it up!! (or at least Chanda and I did the other day) BAHHA. Have you had MoTav aka Mother’s Tavern before? They are known for their extremely large  and scrumptious burgers of all kinds of variety- located in the heart of downtown SLO. They have a pretty legit bar not to mention too 🙂




We meandered in on a cold rainy day so of course we were craving some warm comfort food….we were naughty and it was SO good.


Meet the black and blue, and delicious angus beef patty with caramelized onions, blue cheese and garlic aioli- seriously can’t go wrong.

We also upgraded to some tasty white truffle fries with parmesan, white truffle oil, garlic and fresh parsley-oh my!


Yep I DUG in.

mothers_tavern_slo_1871While Chanda scooped away at into some spinach artichoke dip….


All while sipping some cider!!


yep i think we were hungry!!

Also check out MoTav for New Years- bumping dancing!!


Sam & Chanda

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