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Hi y’all!  It’s been a zoom-zoom weekend…guess that’s why you got two Seasonal Sunday postings from us yesterday (or did you not notice?).  LOL, Sam and I basically over-planned.  Not too shabby for a return trip from LA on Super Bowl Sunday!

You would think that today would be a mellower moment for us…and it was, of sorts.  It was one of those awesome Zest days that had us doing computer work, then holding some quickie client meetings via text, then out to Thacher Winery to do a site walk thru of their amazing barn and grounds (oh, and we managed to squeeze in a little wine tasting and then some olive oil tasting at their neighbors, Pasolivo), then it was back to home base to start counting linens for both the Morro Bay Rotary Ball and the Fireman’s Ball this weekend, then a quick run to Ace for some rods for draping ceilings, and lastly, a quick feat of doing a mercury glass treatment to roughly 40 vessels for centerpieces.


So, it begs the question….with the thermostat dropping and the weather wet, how do you keep up the pace without succumbing to the common cold.  My answer is always eat WELL!  You know that expression, “You are what you eat”? Well, quality is muy importante, so Sam and I headed to Shine Cafe for lunch!

This place is completely off-the-hook, you guys!  I originally fell in love with this beautiful little offspring of Sunshine Health Food Store when I lived in Los Osos.

966599_10151621415159318_657929235_oRunning to soccer games and practices, Sunshine became my delight in sustenance while bouncing around Morro Bay, CA.  I found myself craving their bold and flavorful vegan dishes (almost around the clock).  So, of course I had to bring my girl there 🙂 .


My usual, that I absolutely had to share with Sam, was their spring rolls.  Loaded with red cabbage for crunch, creamy avocado, and a miraculously tasty tempeh, these little bundles of happiness are perfectly paired with a creamy ginger tahini sauce that I literally wanna bathe in!  Even Sean is crazy for it 🙂  Tah dah!!


And, my usual always had to include a cup of their righteously good soup.  You can check out their facebook page to see what daily selection they have brewing.  Sam and I were more than happy with a cup of their J’s Black Bean.


And, because I am always hankering to try new things and see other chefs strut their stuff, we had to try their jackfruit tacos.  Say what?? Yep, you heard me right, Jackfruit tacos….and they would have fooled any carnivore!


Gorgeous, right?  These beauties were exhilarating in flavor, too.  So creative!  I hope they make it back onto the menu again soon.

Hope you get a chance to check this baby out!  Such a treat here on the Central Coast….this LA girl is doing a happy dance!


Bon apetit et bonne sante!



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