Mmmmonday: Pier 46

For this Mmmmmonday, Sam and I discovered a real catch!!

IMG_6779Located in Templeton, CA, Pier 46 was a true find.  Tucked out of the way in a Trader Joe’s shopping center, we were literally shocked when we walked in a found a lush seafood market and a gorgeous menu.

IMG_6786IMG_6784IMG_6780Who could resist a menu like this?!

IMG_6783IMG_6782IMG_6781Hmmmm, I wonder if you can guess what we ordered.  Well, sweet potato fries with truffle salt were a MUST and Sam couldn’t resist pairing them with some crispy fish.  It came to the table perfect…hot, light and crispy (not greasy).  And the sweet potato fries….ummmmm it’s a good thing that Sam is a sharer or I would have had  to create an excuse to get her away from the table!  They were the perfect sweet and salty, crisp and thin.

IMG_6790And for me, well I am a true Los Angelean, despite having been on the Central Coast for almost five years now.  What does that mean?  Well, when I see sushi grade ahi on the menu, I jump at it.  A gorgeous poki taco with asian slaw, SERIOUSLY?!

IMG_6791IMG_6792I’m still salivating! (Whoops, those are Zester hands!  I had just been using black paint for a burlap sign…teehee)  Oh, and the side salads!  My favorite seaweed salad and a truly divine seafood salad that was loaded with octopus.  Gosh, I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t on an actual pier…who woulda thunk you could get this delicious of a seafood selection inland.  Yum!  We were two VERY happy Zesters.

IMG_6788Hope you guys get a chance to try this little gem out, too.  We will be making it a usual haunt for us, I know, and we would love to see you there!


Chanda & Sam

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