Mmmmonday: Pasolivo

This Mmmmonday is taking a turn from the usual fabulous local restaurant or haunt that Sam and I fall in love with for the week.  Instead, we wanted to highlight a little jaunt we took out the 46 HWY in the middle of wine country (aka Paso Robles).  The drive alone was completely magical as we hunted for Thacher Winery, a local vineyard that one of our bride’s will be celebrating her nuptials at this spring.  The winery was exquisite, but the surrounding wooded area had Sam and I pulling over numerous times, in order to soak in all the insane beauty!

IMG_8627IMG_8589IMG_8633Ridiculous beauty, right?  Thank goodness for the iPhone!

Our hunt was successful and our walk-thru was mesmerizing as we discovered this new (to us) wedding venue.  However, the foodie in me was super jazzed when on our way out the 46 HWY, we ran into one of my favorite diversions from the usual wine tasting circuit: Pasolivo.

IMG_8634When out wine tasting with my grandmother, mother, aunt, and sister, this little gem was our favorite place to switch things up.  We would pack a picnic of massive gourmet proportions and plan to stop at Pasolivo in the middle of our day.  My aunt, not the wine drinker AT ALL, loved getting a chance to do some tasting of a different sort.  Here we would peruse over all the delectable little offerings from the bountiful olive trees that had been transfigured by artistry….then we would shade ourselves under a huge olive tree and savor our picnic and laughter.

IMG_8629Nestled amongst acres of several varietal olive trees, Pasolivo has created a beautiful ritual of excellence.  Obviously, their growing techniques (down to mulching their trees with the left over fiber of both the fruit and seed of the olives after extraction) are thoughtful and significant…but they also take the extra steps towards excellence by hand picking every single last one of their acres of olives come harvest time.  And, I was completely enamored with their beautiful Italian cold press….do yourself a favor and kindly ask for a tour of the press if you ever find yourself in the area.

IMG_8630IMG_8631IMG_8632Sounds like a lot of hard work, perhaps.  However, what they produce is more than well worth it.  Come inside their tasting room and have a peek!

IMG_8618IMG_8623IMG_8622IMG_8625Their olive oils are truly miraculous in the mouth….hitting at least 5 flavor points on the tongue, you will be wowed.  Their gorgeous oils have won many competitions, and it is easy to see why.  Then there are the other fun products that they have been creating and working closely with, like blackberry vinegar and Ghost Salt.

IMG_8624IMG_8620IMG_8619IMG_8621You should definitely poke your head in, grab the complimentary bag of french bread and begin tasting away to your hearts content!  May I make a special recommendation of their Tangerine Olive Oil and their Black Olive Jam….the flavors are compelling.  Also, make sure to try some of their original recipes that they have to offer….some they keep in-store, like their divine vinaigrette composed of one of their yummy vinegars along with their Tangerine Olive Oil and some raw honey….YUM!

Ahhhh Pasolivo!  I was so happy to finally share this little treasure with Sam, and now with you!  Stop in and check out what all the fuss is about!

And remember…..

IMG_8626Bon apetit!





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