Mmmmonday: Griff’s Pizzeria & Bistro

Harried by a morning chalk-full of errands, Sam and I found ourselves starving by 11:30AM.  You know, that kind of hunger that feels like your stomach is actually eating itself?

Well, we were headed to another errand on the northern end of Atascadero…, I suggested we hit the next off-ramp and check out Templeton.  If you have never spent time in Templeton, CA, you are in for a real treat.  Tucked in amongst full sized oak trees and the like, you will find the quaintest little gem of a town.  Riddled with wine-tasting rooms and precious little boutique-type stores, Templeton has a lot to offer for an afternoon of exploring.

But, ENOUGH!  We were seriously starving….remember those stomachs imploding on themselves??

Driving down the main road, we spotted Griff’s Pizzeria & Bistro.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 7.17.24 PMBoy, oh-boy, were we pleasantly surprised!  The food was fresh, top-notch, and beautifully portioned!  (Oh, and did I mention that they stock a fantastic selection of local wines and beers….yahhhhhh 805!)

IMG_9649IMG_9650IMG_9651IMG_9652IMG_9653The menu was delish!  With stellar selections of salads and pizzas that would make anyone salivate.

I decided on the chopped antipasto salad, cuz I was craving some old-school Italian cuisine.  Get ready when you order a salad at Griff’s….they do NOT skimp on portions.  The thing was huge! And, so good.

IMG_9655I loved their house creamy Italian dressing, with just a hint of sweetness to counteract the saltiness of the cheese and meats.

Sam took an entirely different route….and boy was this wheat-intolerant girl jealous!

IMG_9656A beautiful crust topped with garlic butter, cheese, balsamic caramelized onions and bay shrimp (ok, I have to admit to having three bites….one wasn’t enough….3 wasn’t enough….the whole pizza wasn’t enough.  Sooooooo good!)

For lunch, the pizza is accompanied with a salad.  Sam decided to upgrade her salad with their caprese salad…..super good move!

IMG_9654Again, the salad was stinkin’ HUGE!  Totally a salad to share.  I was in love with their coupling of the traditional caprese with the addition of roasted red peppers.  So delicious and fresh!

If you find yourself in North County, you have got to check out Griff’s!  Oh, and don’t forget to say “hi,” if you run into us and our hubbies…….Sam and I have vowed to take the boys here for our next double.  Could easily become regulars 🙂




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