Mmmmonday: Fromagerie Sophie

This Mmmmmonday, Sam and I are segueing from our standard visit to a restaurant.  Instead, we really wanted to share with you about one of our favorite little gems in San Luis Obispo.  As very committed cheese-aholics, we truly relish any moment that we can poke into this fabulous shop for some gorgeous bites!  So, come on inside with us!  And then pop on over to to get the recipe we created to highlight some of our delicious cheese selections!

Come on inside, y’all!

IMG_2033(pp_w705_h940)IMG_2032(pp_w705_h940)IMG_2025(pp_w705_h528)When you step into Fromagerie Sophie, you will fall in love with all of her gorgeous cheese and charcuterie selections…not to mention that she carries picholine olives (my FAVORITE) and lovely pates.  Seriously, a walk into this shop will inspire an instant picnic and a hankering for exploring our area’s wine regions.

IMG_2019(pp_w705_h940)IMG_2011(pp_w705_h528)IMG_2017(pp_w705_h528)IMG_2021(pp_w705_h528)IMG_2026(pp_w705_h940)IMG_2029(pp_w705_h528)IMG_2020(pp_w705_h940)IMG_2022(pp_w705_h940)We decided on an incredible Bucherondin from the Loire Valley.

IMG_2023(pp_w705_h528)P1011068(pp_w705_h396)We also filled our bag with an exceptional Parmesan and Prosciutto.

IMG_2027(pp_w705_h940)IMG_2028(pp_w705_h528)IMG_2031(pp_w705_h940)Off to start playing with these lovely ingredients!  Kind of love my job!!



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