Mmmmonday: Fish Gaucho

Admittedly, Sam and I weren’t sure as to what excited us more about this new restaurant…the reportedly awesome tequila bar or the fish!  I have got to own up to the fact that the creativity in their liquid concoctions is awfully tantalizing.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself…come on in and have a seat with us!fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0204fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0201fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0202fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0207fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0216Introducing Fish Gaucho‘s creative south-of-the-border foray into being a new and sophisticated watering hole for locals and tourists alike!

fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0214fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0213Oh decisions, decisions.  I was instantly impressed with their libation menu chalk-full of fresh ingredients.  It was seriously hard to decide which drink to order.  Thankfully, the boys joined us for dinner.  Why “thankfully?”  Now we could order four drinks and try sips around the table!  Yay!


fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0208Billy rocked their version of the Moscow Mule…the Tijuana Mule.  Agave tequila, ginger beer, agave nectar and some fresh lime.

Sam and Sean tried something a little more daring.  The Senor Lebowski: cinnamon tequila, Avion espresso and horchata.  (Nerds….now there would only be three different cocktails to try!)

fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0209Me? I refused to do any copy order!  I went for Peaches + Thyme: Templeton rye bourbon + peaches + fresh thyme + agave nectar.  I felt like a true southern belle!  So good!

fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0212Onto appetizers and dinner!

fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0193fish_gaucho_paso_robles_0210We started with the salsa flight.  Three bold flavors that were so refreshing: avocado tomatillo, pineapple jicama, and watermelon chipotle.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  I always love when I have flavor options at the table.  But, I was hankering for something a little more sinful.  Enter the Queso Fundito with chorizo.  Oh my!  So yummy.  It kind of made me feel like a kid again.


The entrees were awfully delicious as well.

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