Mmmmonday: Estrella

I love the aftermath of Christmas….after all the cleaning up and squaring away.  After returning home from all the family visits, the bags are unpacked and the laundry pile is starting to dwindle down, and I find myself finally breathing-in some relaxation.  Instead of seeing “to do” lists floating above my head, I find myself very quiet and present.  It is a time for family hikes and enjoying some leisurely meals out with loved ones.  It’s time for basking in the sun, breathing in the sea air, and walking under majestic oaks.  Most importantly, it’s time to let someone else do the cooking and enjoying someone else serve the meal 🙂  Holler!

A highlight day for me has been one spent doing some casual wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister in downtown Paso Robles.  It was fun, chill and super anticipatory of my little sis’ upcoming nuptials.  After some fun dress-up that would thrill any girl who grew up with Barbie dolls, we strolled around the downtown City Park and decided to duck into a (new to us) restaurant for some grub.

20131223_133354Argentinian food promised a future of happy taste buds, and the interiors felt super posh but down-to-Earth.


20131223_123723Honestly, perusing the menu had us doubting our initial choice… seemed a little lack-luster.  At first glance, it didn’t seem as inventive as what we were hankering for….but we decided to dive in.

20131223_122906We chose to go “splitzies” and order their Southwest Caeser…….

20131223_130038Oopps, guess that was yummier than we expected!!  Wow!!!

Then we ordered their Braised Beef Enchilada:

House-made tortillas filled with slow-braised beef short-ribs, queso fresco, jack cheese, cilantro, onions, and poached potatoes served with seasoned rice and frijoles charros

20131223_130440Ummmm….the description doesn’t do this dish half the justice!  Braised to a succulent tenderness, the flavors melded together to create the ultimate comfort food!  So delicious, seriously!  A beautiful medley of spice and texture.

Salad and beef done perfectly….we decided to top it off with their mahi mahi tacos served with a mango, habenero salsa.


Oh boy, and they gave us some more of their fabulous Southwest Caesar dressing for our side salad.  Wahooooo!!!  We were super happy chicas!

20131223_123114Thank you Estrella, for giving us some super tasty dishes to enjoy while we slowed down and enjoyed eachother!

Love you, mommy and sissy!!




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