Mmmmonday: Crushing on Rick Bayless and Red O

Seriously.  Not kidding.  I am a happily married woman, but gotta admit to a foodie-crush on the master of Latin cooking with a fresh twist!  Rick Bayless is the man!  And, his restaurant, Red O, is the best experience of amazing food and equally amazing ambiance.


Sam and I had a whirlwind of a weekend roadtrip down to Los Angeles to create a fabulous Morroccan influenced bridal shower for my sissy.  The shower was fabulous and went off without a hitch, but I must say that after a long trek on Friday riddled with traffic, it was so nice to be whisked off to Red O for a little ocular and tastebud sensation!  I am so excited to share with you guys about this place.  So special!

Come on inside 🙂


IMG_1537IMG_1539IMG_1540IMG_1541IMG_1546IMG_1544IMG_1551IMG_1545IMG_1543IMG_1552IMG_1550IMG_1553IMG_1548IMG_1555The perfect cocktail of a jalapeno laced margarita was a beautiful way to watch the sky change color through the uniquely tented ceiling.  Enchanting!!

IMG_1554IMG_1569IMG_1556IMG_1571Now time for the grub.  I literally cannot say enough about the cuisine at Red O.  It is such a special menu.

We chose to start the evening with one of the crazy creative gaucamole creations.

Introducing Macha Guacamole:  Arbol chiles, roasted garlic, tomatoes, onion & toasted peanuts


IMG_1547Since we were a happy group of 8, we decided to order almost tapas style….because we could not resist all the appetizer selections.  Two words: vast and delicious!

Fresh Oysters – 1/2 dozen
Oysters shucked to order with tomatillo-habanero mignonette, smoky chipotle-garlic salsa & fresh-cut limes
IMG_1558The awesome staff allowed us to two varieties in our order…they were delicious and now I have a new favorite.  A habanero laced mignonette.  OH MY GOODNESS!
Maine Lobster Tostaditas: Maine lobster, grilled nopales and corn salsa, queso fresco, poblano-pea puree, serrano crema
IMG_1564Complicated, but so straight forward that you have the sweetest bite of unmistakeable lobster in your mouth.  A ridiculous treat!  Move over lobster sushi…I have a new favorite!
Queso Fundido:  Melted monterey jack, mezca luna fontina and beehive white cheddar cheeses with your choice of homemade chorizo and roasted poblano chiles or sautéed crimini, oyster and shitake mushrooms with grilled red onion & negra modelo
IMG_1563Ok, I have to admit that this cheese lover was ready to bathe in this remarkable dish.  You cannot beat the hit of chorizo crumbled on top.  Nom-nom.
Mexican Blue Crab Tostaditas:  Tomatillo-avocado‌ salsa, grilled pineapple, Mexican knob onions
IMG_1566These beauties were so fresh thanks to the pineapple and crisp plantain. I felt like I was island eating for sure!
Plantain Rice: Plantain infused white rice, diced caramelized plantains

I loved the texture and the subtle sweetness of this rice.  It paired perfectly with our seafood selections.  Oh, and the CHEESE!


Mexican Street Corn:  Deconstructed with cotija, serrano-cilantro crema
IMG_1562Deconstructed street food for sure!  This was miraculous….especially since I am admittedly a sucker for Mexican corn.  Happy belly!
Oh, and we did order one main dish that we all shared for a little extra bite….
Braised Short Rib Enchiladas:  Red guajillo chile sauce, melted Monterey Jack cheese, frisee, Mexican red rice & black beans
Enough said!  We were very happy girls!!
IMG_1534Next time I am going to delve into their moles and ceviches.
Love this restaurant.  Major kudos, and Rick, my crush continues!
Thanks for checkin’ in on our trek to LA lovelies!  We had such a blast.  Can’t wait to share with you about my sister’s bridal shower!

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