Mmmmmonday: Happy Cinco de Mayo @ Lido

Ok, I know that it’s not Mexican fare, per say, but they make a MEAN cocktail!  Lido at Dolphin Bay could be the sweetest spot to hit for some Cinco de Mayo happy hour fun.  Who could resist the outdoor patio and their killer cocktails….can you say “jalapeno”?

20140222_165713How about:

The Flying Aeurbach
Strawberry, Basil, Mint, Lime, Jalapeño, Moonshine

20140222_171057Or how about:

Mar De Bernard
Tequila, Lime, Cilantro, Cucumber, Jalapeño, Salt & Pepper Rim

20140222_171033And I seriously could not resist seafood while basking in the sunshine at the ocean!  Oysters please…..

20140222_17124020140222_171211I don’t know if you are a freak like me for Morro Bay oysters, but these little beauties are literally an experience.  So delicate and subtle in their saltiness.  Seriously nummy.  Especially when paired with an ahi dish!


I know it may be a bit unconventional for Cinco de Mayo….but it will be a delicious experience if you have the chance to visit Lido’s today!  Happy hour is from 3-6pm, but you could always hit it after work to catch a gorgeous sunset!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!



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