MMMmmmonday: Taqueria De Santa Cruz Express

Meet one of SLO’s latest greatest new mexican restaurants! Taqueria De Santa Cruz Express  Being a SoCal girl and growing up literally 20 minutes from the border to Mexico- I like to think I KNOW good mexican food. Usually when I see a greasy hole in the wall I can tell it’s gonna be goooood. The best part about this little gem is that it’s near downtown so you get some great people watching, it’s in a nicer facility but has those classic Mexican food hole in the wall perks- check it out!


IMG_0771Hmmm what to order??

IMG_0776IMG_0775IMG_0773IMG_0774IMG_0777(ehhhm you see what I am talking about with hole in the wall goodness?) Why not serve up those tasty tortilla chips in a tub? That’s when you know they are homemade 🙂

IMG_0779Gorgeous colorful salsa bar!!

IMG_0788Now for the food! We were loving the ceviche- it had great fresh citrus flavors and reminded us all of our very own zesty ceviche!

IMG_0784A legit chicken quesadilla, and I mean LEGIT! Look at all that chicken in there below!

IMG_0782IMG_0783The corn tortilla quesadilla was a fave too!

IMG_0785IMG_0786Gorgeous fish and beef tacos to please all….

IMG_0787One might say we had quite the buffet of goodness, good thing we are sharers 🙂

IMG_0780IMG_0781And a cold beer to wash it down on this EXTRA hot spring day


Thanks for eating with us Mexican style this mMMMMmmmonday



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