Juice do it!!


I know it’s not the first time for me to profess my love for smoothies, but I really do love em. Which explains why I am extra excited to announce that Atascadero has an excellent new smoothie and juice bar- whoop whoop!! Chanda and I were so thrilled to be able to pop over and grab a delish smoothie and juice after a work out the other day (i know- crazy we actually found time to work out!!). Meet Juice do it– and excellent little gem conveniently located in the middle of town right by Galaxy Movie theatre. Let me give you a little tour…


juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1673juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1674juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1675juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1676We LOVE LOVE LOVED how they presented their fruit like an ice cream counter- too cute!

juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1677juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1678juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1679And I don’t think they really knew what to do with us when they saw these two girls order 4 drinks and then down them??

Yep, we were thirsty and wanted juice AND a smoothie.

What can I say, I warned you- we love our smoothies and juice?!


At least we got some computer work done while sipping!!


juicedoitjuicebaratascadero_1683Definitely go check out this awesome family owned shop, they are great and love their small town.

But seriously-

Juice do it!!




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