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Happy Monday!  It’s been an awesome start to a fantastic week.  We have come off the high of our third Central Coast Bridal Expo, and it was time to kick off our heels n’ boots!  So, we indulged in the absolute fabulousness that is known as Thomas Hill Organics: Market Bistro and Wine Bar!  Located in Paso Robles, California, Thomas Hill is known for growing their own produce and turning them into thoughtful and creative dishes that delight the taste buds.  Sounds perfect for a Mmmmmmmonday, right?!

On our first step into this awesome establishment, Sam and I were in design ecstasy!

IMG_6518Btw, keep a look-out for a future post on Sam attempting this barn door for her new house…’s gonna happen, folks, seriously!IMG_6520IMG_6519IMG_6521IMG_6515IMG_6517IMG_6516I can NEVER get enough of Tolix chairs!!  And who could resist these prints on print!IMG_6523IMG_6514IMG_6513How much do you love that purple floor?!  That is a legit way to rock a royal color.IMG_6512IMG_6511Major kudos to the lovely people at Thomas Hill for design….but the real kudos are in order as soon as you glance at the menu!  Sam and I had a tough time narrowing down our choices because the menu was just that darn good.  I guess Sunset Magazine knows what it was talking about when it sang praises of this quaint Paso Robles restaurant.  Ultimately, we gals decided to go splitsville….kinda our M.O. as we love to taste a few things (and I swear that we share the same tastebuds!)

First on our list was a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc from Justin Winery….one of our favs.  If you haven’t had the chance to indulge in this local wine, treat yourself to this golden taste!


Our first mellow sip underway, we quickly honed in on their pork belly sandwich and their smoked salmon sandwich.

IMG_6530IMG_6529Both sandwiches were praiseworthy, but the pork belly sandwich won out for being extraordinary with it’s complexity of rich tenderness juxtaposed beautifully with the sharp crispness of the Asian inspired pickled condiments.  You have seriously got to treat yourself to a visit and taste if you are ever near Paso Robles, California.  You will literally thank yourself outloud….seriously, I did!


Sam and Chanda

IMG_6531PS Don’t ya just love Sam’s superstar, incognito vibe!!  I felt like I was supping with an uber cool Julia Roberts.  Way ta go my girlie!

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