MMMmmmmonday: Villa Creek

This week we are excited to show off  Villa Creek, which is known for their “rustic, regional, and eclectic fine dining.”  We walked in the restaurant and were immediately oohing and awwhhing over their ambiance and when we walked out we were saying how we needed to be “rolled” out thanks to our very full bellies. YUMMM! Let’s start this walk thru with the ambiance….

paso_robles_restaurant_villa_creek_0774We walked up and were immediately crushin’ on these vines!! Gorgeous!!




LOVING these gorgeous rustic grape vines. But seriously, don’t be surprised when you see this in our homes.



Someone was cooking with Julia Child- no biggie!!!


Heirloom tomato salad with burrata, pesto, basil, pea tendrils topped with a parmesan frico wafer and cracked pepper- yum!


Sea Bass served on a bed of corn, quinoa,avocados, tomatoes and  black and white bean salad topped with a nettles pesto- gorgeous!

paso_robles_restaurant_villa_creek_0783“Chowda” risotto with chives, crisp corn, smoked scallops and topped with grilled shrimp

paso_robles_restaurant_villa_creek_0779On the left, a “mint margarita” which was basically the child of a mojito and a cadillac margarita…on the right- spicy mango cocktail- mango flavored vodka steeped in jalapeños!



And for the ambiance- sit out on the charming little patio with bistro lights!!


Sam & Chanda

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