MMMMmmmonday: Chulos Cafe & Cantina

Chanda and I are super excited to share a new favorite restaurant of ours, Chulos Cafe & Cantina.  This little gem is hidden in Templeton amongst a hospital and a few other industrial buildings, you would never have known such flavor and fun is here!! We originally heard about this great hot spot from David Wilson’s radio show, a quick byte. This cantina offers breakfast, lunch and dinner so you are sure to be happy with a meal any hour there. We went for lunch and managed to score an item off the dinner menu as well, best of both!!


They had an extensive menu that you will be smiling from ear to ear with….


The inside of the restaurant was cute but we were suckers for the patio, gotta enjoy the last of these summer days….

chulos_cafe_and_cantina_templeton_ca_0367chulos_cafe_and_cantina_templeton_ca_0373chulos_cafe_and_cantina_templeton_ca_0374Chanda was able to snag a dinner menu item, some gorgeous marinated beef with fresh tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

chulos_cafe_and_cantina_templeton_ca_0371I gobbled up a delicious seafood inspired enchilada, aka the “local’s favorite” which was stuffed with shrimp and crab and topped with a creamy white sauce, MMMM

chulos_cafe_and_cantina_templeton_ca_0372We grabbed lunch with our friend over at Spencer Sarson’s Photography and he ordered up a yummy jumbo breakfast burrito!

chulos_cafe_and_cantina_templeton_ca_0370And we couldn’t resist but try their homemade berry and red sangria, yum! Don’t worry those both are not for me! BAHha!

chulos_cafe_and_cantina_templeton_ca_0369To top off our food they had some killer homemade hot sauce too! I am telling ya you really can’t go wrong with all their amazing food and flavor here- definitely hit up this MMMmmmonday restaurant asap!



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