MMMMmmmonday: Avanti Italian

Well not to throw off your New Year’s resolutions, but let’s face it when can you deny some tasty Italian food?? Especially here in Atascadero!! (We don’t have too many restaurants, let alone great Italian) 🙂

Amongst doing some errands I was able to meet Billy for lunch here, boy were we impressed with what we ate at Avanti. 

IMG_7987As soon as we sat down the waitress offered us a complimentary glass of champagne in honor of the New Year!

IMG_7986Then we couldn’t help but order some bruschetta, not only was it fresh and tasty but basically came with a side salad too!


Then I can’t help but try out some good old minestrone soup, did I mention I am 50% Italian? 🙂

IMG_7992Billy ordered the meatball sandwich on rustic italian bread, mmmmmm

IMG_7993Even the pasta salad was delish! Hope that you can get a chance to stop by Avanti and if you don’t live nearby hopefully we just inspired some Italian MMMMmmmmm for dinner tonight 🙂



P.S. Check out their Sunday Brunch too!


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