MMMMmmmmonday: Soda & Swine

Well it’s MMmmmonday so that means it’s time to start salivating over some AMAZING food and boy do we have that for you! A few weeks back Billy and I visited my family down in San Diego and we were excited to try out a new restaurant for our family, meet Soda & Swine. Yep, gotta love alliterations and anything to do with bacon right?? Not only was the food stellar but as you know I am a sucker for great design and ambiance, which they also scored a Zest A+ on.

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0314

Just look at that store front? Gotta love me some natural wood, oh and not to mention the long line- that’s always a good sign 🙂

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0312

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0306

Now obviously by the name they are known for their fizzes and amazing creations including smoked pork.

But be sure to check out their menu here, they are pretty darn creative!!

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0317

Let’s start with the beverages!! They make any soda or beer into a float, bring on the dark ale!!

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0318

They also had an amazing selection of unique sodas as well as some homemade desserts to boot.

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0320

We ordered up some grub like their potato puree with goat cheese, mac and cheese with aged cheddar and creme fraiche and their  build your own meatball sliders.

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0321

They also have killer fries that are hand cut &  twice cooked served with a malt vinegar aioli.

Are you hungry yet??

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0323

We also couldn’t help but try the roasted brussels sprouts with bacon!! Mmmmm

Now to show you around the place!!

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0307Loving the community tables, hanging plants, warm lighting, brick floors and walls as well as filament light bulbs!!

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0308soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0309soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0311

I want this water station at my house!

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0313soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0315soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0316soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0322And the nickels in the bathroom floor, so fun!!

soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0310soda_and_swine_san _diego_ca_0319

I think it’s safe to say we really enjoyed ourselves some soda and swine!!!



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