MMMMMMmmonday: P.K.’s Candy Carousel

For today’s MMMMMmmmonday we certainly had a sweet tooth! We are constantly in the Von’s parking lot here in little old Atascadero, and with that we are constantly eyeing this new candy shop that recently opened. Well, today was the day we finally had time to venture in! We went with the hopes of getting a tasty smoothie- but we did that and so much more! Santa (wink wink) this would be a great place for stocking stuffers!! This little gem is called P.K.’s Candy Carousel .


Check out the sweets inside!



And even some YUMMMMYY gelato flavors…


IMG_7622How fun is their confetti floor? All ready for your next child’s birthday party!!!

IMG_7623IMG_7625IMG_7628IMG_7626As tempting as it was to order these chocolate covered potato chips…..


IMG_7627We left with some delicious smoothies, pomegranate and pineapple! We also managed to have some seriously life changing sea salt carmel- seriously YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! And we also couldn’t resist the champagne truffle and the maple bourbon- both a real treat. You ready to wash it all down with some water after these sweets!


Sam & Chanda


p.s. they also are one of the any places in town you can get a legit banana split and hot fudge!! 🙂


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