MMMMMmmmmonday: Brickhouse BBQ

This MMMMmmmmmMMMonday we are happy to have paid a visit to our friends Meredith, John and Blaine Fennacy over at their new BBQ joint- Brickhouse BBQ located in Morro Bay. We love the Fennacy family and have worked with them in the past for Morro Bay Rotary (excited about this next year’s upcoming ball!!) πŸ™‚ But in the mean time check out our yummy grub! IMG_7213 Can you guess what we ordered? IMG_7209 Our favorites?? Chanda- “i loved the ranch beans because they were meaty and had a warm spice, my other favorite was the cole slaw because it wasn’t sweet but rather tangy and peppery- very refreshing and the perfect accompaniment for carnage!” Sam- “my favorite was Meredith’s spin on french fries- forget the potatoes! I am officially addicted to her garlic parmesan green beans- crisp and savory!” PLUS i loved her motto- “I am changing Morro bay one green bean at a time” -Meredith πŸ™‚ IMG_7211 Let’s also not forget about their amazing and unique sauces…. IMG_7208 IMG_7216IMG_7217IMG_7214Hard at work grillin’ comeeee anddddd geeeeett itttttt!! ~Sam

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