MMMMMMmmmmmonday: Earth Day Food & Wine Festival

Amongst a busy week and weekend of events, Chanda and I had the opportunity to visit with family and friends who were in town! Chanda enjoyed doing some wedding planning with her sister and exploring slo while I attended the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival– wow was it yummy!! I couldn’t help but show you some of the delicious bites for today’s MMMmmmmonday!! The festival happens every April and rotates venues every three years. This year Castoro Cellars hosted. It took place in a meadow that was embracing the rustic earth/farming theme and perfectly situated under some gorgeous sycamore canopies. IMG_0097IMG_0107IMG_0084IMG_0058I loved that the space had seating, music, and shade!! All making for a comfortable and laid back summer vibe. Now onto the food….

IMG_0061Have you ever seen a quinoa plant before?? Gorgeous! See how they used them in the lettuce wraps below-yum!

IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0072Yummy avocado halves stuffed with fresh ceviche!

IMG_0065Delicious Olive Oil that you can buy at Dusi winery 🙂

IMG_0057It’s always a party with the ice cream truck!!

IMG_0078I loved sipping on the fresh squeezed juice by Julia’s Juice- she sells at many local Farmer’s markets.

IMG_0059Check out the local bees over at TheraBee! bZzzzZZ

IMG_0103And sweeten up with some AMAZING gelato- such fun flavors…..I think tera was excited!!

IMG_0105IMG_0080IMG_0068I love these Limes!!! Such a great tangy crunch!!

IMG_0085And let’s not forget the legit paella made on site! Yummm!

Now for some professional pics snagged of the day from the Festival’s gallery here!


All in all- you definitely should snag your tickets for next year’s festival!! They go on sale Tuesday Dec 2nd so mark your calendars!! You will be sure to be all smiles like us…

IMG_0090IMG_0096IMG_0095IMG_0071IMG_0076Oh did I mention there was a legit bird too!! tee hee 🙂





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