Minimalist Geometric Magazine Rack for Organizing

I love the warmth and beauty of woodgrain.  It is just one of those random things that makes me happy.  I guess that is one of the MANY reasons I love to dabble in woodworking.  I say “dabble” because I am in no way a master carpenter by any stretch of the imagination…but I have fun tackling projects and stepping back and saying “I made that!”  Cheesy, I know….but very honest.

This little minimalist magazine rack is a gem, because it hits three major points:

1) It’s fast and easy!

2) It helps me organize.

3) It has clean geometric lines that I love.

magazine holder_0000


1 6ft or 8ft long 1″X8″ board

stain (in your preferred color)

table saw or jigsaw


magazine holder_0001

What’s great about this design it that you can literally make it any size with ease.  I wanted my piece to have presence, so I went big.  I measured my board to cut two pieces that were 3 feet long.  Then, I found the mid section both length and width-wise.  Using a colored pencil, I created a one inch wide rectangle from that midpoint to the edge.  I repeated that on both boards.

magazine holder_0002

Now time to cut.  Since I wanted to cut out those skinny rectangles pretty fast, I used my table saw.  However, if you have a jigsaw handy, that will work just as well.  With the table saw, I just cut from the edge towards that mid point along the line I drew.  I then moved my piece over a tiny bit and repeated the cut, essentially shaving off wood until I reached the other line of the rectangle.

magazine holder_0003

BTW, I am all about making things easier.  So, if you don’t want to bother finding the midpoint for your second board, you can always stack them and trace your rectangle onto the second board like this:

magazine holder_0004

Once you have cut both skinny rectangles out, you are done!  You may want to smooth out your cuts and edges with a lite sanding…and maybe even a lite coat of Verathane or wax would be nice.  Then, it’s just assembly time…no hardware required!

magazine holder_0005

Simply slip the rectangles together.

magazine holder_0006magazine holder_0007

I love this simple design!  Have fun with it.  You can make tiny ones by cutting the boards shorter, and you can make the design skinnier by cutting our your rectangles higher up on your boards.  Play around with it and have fun creating.  These would be fun in bright, happy colors as well.

Create and play!



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