Milk Braids for Medium Length Hair

Officially the first day of August, we are in the midst of some blazing temps! When the thermostat runs high and the outdoor activities have me sweltering in the sun nearly everyday, I can think of nothing but getting my hair up and off my neck n’ shoulders. Seriously, I would go as far as to say that when I am hot, my hair can make me feel claustrophobic! With that said, I like to avoid a daily ponytail like the plague (call it a fear of “mom hair”). Honestly, the hairstyles that I gravitate towards don’t take much more time than a pony, but they look like I have given myself a little bit more time in the morning (oh what a great illusion!)
Over the next couple weeks, I figured I would sprinkle in some easy DIY updos for medium length hair that might help you stay cool and not feel like you were too hot to bother! Today, it’s my signature reverse inside out french braided milk braids. I know, that sounds intense. If you love to braid, it’s actually not hard, and it is the easiest way to get the look of extended length when your hair isn’t all that long.

Medium length hair

Here we go! Start by sectioning your hair in half and tying up one half into a pony (just to get it out of the way).

Sectioning half a head of hair and using a rubber band to get it out of the way

Next comes the only complicated part. Instead of starting your inside out french braid at the crown of your head like customary, begin by starting your braid at the nape of your neck. Dividing out three small pieces, cross them under and over, gathering new sections of hair as you go. If you have layers like I do, don’t worry about pieces popping out. That will all get fixed in the end. Remember, this is not supposed to be a fussy style. If you can braid, this won’t be hard. Besides, doing anything in reverse and upside down is good for your brain, right! Perfect way to start your morning lol!

A reverse inside out French braid starting at the nape of the neck and finishing at the crown

With one side done, I gently start at the nape of my neck and begin to loosen the braid so that it will appear thick than my layers actually make it.

Half the head braided and second half still in a ponytail waiting to by braided
Tugging on the braid sideways and in opposing directions to make the braid appear fuller
Both sides of the head are braided

My Shrek look complete, it is time to cross over my braids. Notice that I tied off my braids with some simple little clear rubber bands. That is because I want them to easily disappear when I tuck and pin my braids in place.

Taking each braid and pulling it up over the crown of head and pinning in place for milk braids

Crossing them across the crown of my head, I tuck the ends into the opposing french braid for a completed milk braid look. The tiny rubber bands and tails of my braids disappear easily under the braids.

Back image of the milk braids beginning at the nape of the neck and being braided up in a reverse and inside out French braid
Side view of the milk braids with the reverse and inside out French braid
Front view of the milk braids for medium hair with the reverse and

Ta-dah! I love that my hair is completely off of my neck and shoulders! The best part, is that this style does NOT go anywhere. You can ride roller coasters all day and still look pulled together (if you are so inclined 😉 ). I love that my layered, medium length cut not only stays up neatly, but actually looks thicker and longer then it would in tight little pony. All just perks of the milk braid look.
Keep an eye out for some more summer hair inspiration coming at you soon! In the meantime, stay cool my lovelies!

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