MGE Underground White Winter

What’s Up Wednesday

Today we are excited to show you some pics from another fabulous Zesty event! Remember last week when we hinted at our upcoming white winter MGE Underground party? Well it was a smash!! So fun and festive- check out the winter wonderland inspired here….


The room was covered in white from candles to linens and pine trees with snow- it truly was a white winter!white_winter_party_1164



We LOVED this special and personal touch they did- pics all around the room of employees in black and white! So great!white_winter_party_1169white_winter_party_1170

Once we flipped the lights the real ambiance came….white_winter_party_1171

Thanks for letting us zest another fabulous MGE party!



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  2. What a small world! I went up to him to offer dinner- hahah love it!! We definitely need to work together soon!!! xoxo

  3. hey ladies! beautiful! i was so bummed i missed this party! those b&w’s were photos that my hubby and i took for MGE! and Trevor (that mentioned hubby) was there with a our new photobooth!!! bummed i missed you gals! but beautiful party! 🙂 xo

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