DIY Metallic Ombre Side Table

Pinch me, pinch me, pinch me, please!

I think I might have done a “happy jig” when I discovered these two little beauties at the thrift store the other day.  Yes, they were looking a tad dowdy, but I was very excited about their form.  Just check out those horizontal lines!  A quick project with these would turn out some rather sophisticated and sleek beauties for my living room.

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1284

The first step was to prep them for refinishing.  The chipped matte black finish had to say, “buh-bye!”

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1286

First, I simply removed their glass tops, and then I elevated them.  When doing a painting project, save yourself some headache by raising your piece up off the ground…even if only by an inch.  This will allow you to prep and finish the entire piece without paint sticking to your tarp or any painted surface picking up dirt.  It makes the job clean and fast!

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1285

Personally, I trust Rust-Oleum when it comes to painting anything for my home (especially metal projects).  With a family of five plus pets, things have to stand up to legit wear and tear.  I may love design, but the reality of my life is that it is messy!  So, I prepped the tables with a decent coat of their metal primer.  The best part about using this primer is that it dries super fast….so you can quickly get to the fun part!  COLOR.

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1287

For the the legs, I chose an anitque bronze spray paint with a hammered texture.  Make sure to keep the can about 8 -12 inches from your piece, and spray in a sweep that lifts away motion.  It will help to keep coats light and not run.

Now for a little fun.  I chose a copper spray paint with a similar hammered texture.  Spraying the top portion solid, I gently overlapped the copper onto the antique bronze legs…creating an ombre effect.

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1288

Basically, with the legs a nice solid antique bronze, I simply created a thin layer of “overspray” with the copper.  This allowed the copper to be a bit transparent and kept away any hard-lines that two separate colors could have made.

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1289

Subtle ombre look achieved?  Check.

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1291

I am lovin’ it!  We had to do a little test run with it while I was working on them at Sam’s.  Just so darn cute!  I cannot wait to try them out in my living room!

Metallic Ombre Side Table_1290

All in all, a fast a rewarding project.  Gosh I like those!!



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