Metallic Flash Tattoos

Admittedly, though I love the aesthetic beauty of many ink jobs, the thought of needles and permanence freaks me out a bit.  Even my little sister has more courage on that score!  She has a beautiful hibiscus arrangement that graces the back of her ribcage clear down to her tail bone.  It is beautiful.

DIY_metallic_flash_tattoo_0215But, when I think of those needles and the permanence, I realize that I am holding my breathe and need to exhale.

Ok, a tad dramatic.  I own up to that!  But thanks to a new trend, I can have painless fun.  These beauties are so trendy that they have been given a hip new name.  Instead of temporary tattoos (which is what I grew up calling them) they are now called Flash Tattoos.  I love it!  Gotta have a trendy name to go with a trendy style.

Check out some inspiration before the DIY tutorial 🙂

flash-tattoos-lena-tattoo-pack-as-seen-on-alessandra-ambrosiovia Boutique to You

160e3d35936629aa58fa02c5a77a93acvia Everything But Water

metallic-gold-temporary-tattoos1via The Sweetest Occasion

Now to roll up our sleeves and try our own hand at this trend.  A quick trip to RiteAid for some supplies and we were all set!





A day in the park turned into an impromptu art session 🙂


Using the tape as a template/stencil, I affixed the tape to Sam’s shoulder for a little Indian Summer style.

Time for the metallic shadow.

DIY_metallic_flash_tattoos_0208DIY_metallic_flash_tattoos_0209DIY_metallic_flash_tattoos_0210Last step is a quick spritz of hairspray to keep things set.

DIY_metallic_flash_tattoo_0214Warning!!  This can become addictive.


Go grab some supplies and have some fun!

Feel like a kid…with a stylish bent 🙂



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