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One Little Word

This past Sunday we jumped in the company truck and made the trek up to Oakland to the Chabot Space and Science Center for a beautiful celebration of life.  On the way back to Atascadero, raw with emotion and vulnerability from such a touching memorial, we turned to our gal Elise.

The Elise Joy ,  is an absolute gem, she’s a wealth of knowledge, and has been very influential to us Zesters.  We have really come to admire her work allowing her experiences to speak into our own entrepreneurial lives. She is bold, courageous and exquisitely creative. We love the way that she creates as well as shares her life and mistakes with others. The podcast we enjoyed with Elise touched on the significance of direction and goal setting. She let us in on how naming a season and calling it into being-is the way to charge forward, and materialize your dreams. She led us through the avenues that she has taken and interviewed the guest speaker Ali Edwards shedding light on the topic.

Elise last year chose to focus on “enough” for her mantra. She broke up the word into 4 quadrants and was intentional about digesting each season. For example, one part of the year her mantra was “I am enough” and another was “That’s enough”.

We are still choosing our word for this year… We’ll get there eventually. Our word for last year was “Intentional” and boy did it manifest throughout our lives! We noticed substantial positive change in our personal lives with our family time, friends and business alike.

What can you focus on this year that will challenge you to grow?

What areas of weakness can you pull out of darkness and cultivate fruitfulness?

Here are some words that were mentioned along with a few of our own to provide a little inspiration.
















We are always encouraged by all that Elise has to say and appreciate all of the wisdom that she imparts to others along the way. Let’s charge into this season with a new sense of purpose!



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