Marston’s 101, Atascadero CA


We are so excited to have another yummy restaurant in A-town!! Yay! (You know you are a foodie in a small town when this excites you- tee hee) May I introduce Chanda and my new favorite local wood fired pizza and cocktail list- Marston’s 101. We were pleasantly surprised when we popped in for a quick bite the other day with Billy and Anya. We loved the drinks, ambiance and fresh flavors the menu offered. We have both since gone back for dinner and were just as happy 🙂


Check out their lunch and dinner menu


We had trouble deciding (what’s new??) but we couldn’t resist the CA Artichoke served with herb garlic butter and lemon aioli!! Perfect for sharing 🙂


We also adored their open faced steak sandwich with shaved prime rib, grilled onion, bleu cheese, and horseradish cream. Get your meat onnn!!


We decided to get some greens in too- we were trying to be good…ha! Their almond crusted salmon salad with cucumber, avocado, cherry tomato, greens and lemon aioli was perfect for a summer afternoon!


But let’s face it- we weren’t being that “good”– not when you can smell the wood fired oven feet away! The  Garden Party pizza was amaaaaazing, it was topped with pesto ricotta, arugula, spinach, olives, tomato, mushrooms, and roasted garlic. What made this our top choice was the perfect pizza crust with the air pockets and crunch factor, A +


Oh and did I mention we are sharer’s?? We ordered a lot of food to share, ha! The jumbo lump blue crab topped with tomatillo aioli and pickled onions were on point.


And if that wasn’t enough food, the server surprised us with some MORE food! The Marston’s Spuds are a must- they are oak roasted potatoes served with papilla cream, chicharrones and cotija cheese. ENOUGH SAID?


Love that purple potato color!!


Just when you think you are going to tap out, out comes dessert. A rich flourless chocolate cake topped with peanut butter mousse and toffee brittle with carmel sauce.


We didn’t back down to our mission….


Okay now that I have overloaded you with food and probably have you licking the screen, I guess I should show you around..loving the colors and ambiance!


Dinner is ready—Come eat!



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