Make Over Plant Stand

Today we are going to zest up my bedroom a bit with that make over I am doing, remember the first decor item I did? Well now to bring some green into the space, and I don’t mean green zest. I love my plants!! In fact it kind of drives my husband crazy how much I love plants. oops!! (sorry not sorry) What can you expect from a girl with a degree in landscape architecture? Anywayyyyssss, our dear uncle richard gave us this awesome candle holder a few years back as a present. I love it! I love the lines and form and most of all how it is something special he picked out for us. But with that the new bedroom reno does not love it- the dark wood is a bit too dark. To be honest I made some really cool candle stands that I will be showing you in a few weeks (get ready) so I don’t really need more candle holders. So with that I knew I had to look at this gift with some “new” eyes. You know what those eyes saw?? A plant stand!! Simply flip the candle holder upside down and it’s the perfect fit!! Now I know what you are thinking- “Sam that’s great you have this cool unique candle stand turned into a plant stand, but how does that help me?” Well I want to encourage you to put some “zest” goggles on and look around for what is and what it could be….I have faith in you! Send us pics of any fun “find and fix it” projects you do!!

old candle holder refurb_0000

Grab some spray paint of your liking…

old candle holder refurb_0001

Time to tag it up!

old candle holder refurb_0003old candle holder refurb_0004

insert plant- voila!!

plant holder_0000

Just wait until you see the rest!!



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