Magnetic Mason Jar Spice Rack

This is almost too simple for a post…but sometimes the simple ideas are THE BEST!
Sam and I were doing an impromptu organization of our Zest kitchen (ummm you know, our home away from home) when an idea struck. I had so many random bottles and packets of spices tucked in our pantry, that it was bordering on avalanche alert! Then, I remembered that we had purchased four of the magnetic knife bars at IKEA a while back. Two were safely storing our knives, but two had not found purpose, yet. Seeing those spices and those magnetic bars set off a light bulb! Time to get utilitarian and organized!

2 magnet knife bars
screws (most likely comes with the magnet bar)
4 oz quilted mason jars
your favorite spices

Usually, the magnetic knife bars come packaged with all the hardware needed for installation. We even had a mini bubble level that came with ours! Simply follow the instructions included with your magnetic bar. I had the extra fun that comes with deciding to install them on a concrete block wall…HELLLOOO hammer drill! If you are crazy like me, you will need a hammer drill, a concrete bit, and concrete screws. LOL but nothing so fancy if you are installing on a regular ol’ wall. (Wow…I kinda sounded legit there for a sec).

The 4 ounce mason jars with the “quilted” texture to the glass were the perfect size and weight for the magnetic bars. I had no problem fitting my bags of spices!

I love how the metal lids hold fast to the magnetic strip, and I can see through the glass easily to determine my spices. Obviously, you can make this totally dummy-proof by labeling your jars, but I just love seeing the color and texture. If you decided to work this organizational hack, then shoot us a picture of how you decided to label the jars…if you went that route. I’d love to see your ideas!

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