Lindee Daniel Cosmos Collection Reveal

We recently had the honor to design and coordinate a fashion runway for Designer Lindee Daniel’s fresh new collection for 2018, called Cosmos. Lindee has been designing beautiful wedding dresses out of rare, organic, cruelty-free silks for the past seven years. Her designs have graced red carpet events as well as decorated brides worldwide. Her eco-conscious brand has centered on pairing beauty with giving back, a lovely coupling for today’s bride. As a Paso Robles native, Lindee decided to tie back into her roots with the first official unveiling of her Cosmos in San Luis Obispo, and we couldn’t be more excited to show off pictures from the talented duo, Danielle & Adam Poff!! We transformed the brand new barn at Flying Caballos with the help of florists Melinda and Nicolette of Festive Designs. As we schemed up this dreamy runway we new it had to be something special…something out of this world…or shall we say over the moon? After many sketches, conversations and a few cuts and drills later Chanda and I built a moon that was meant to be celebrated along with these beautiful gowns. With hair and make up by the oh so talented, MUSE– the runway was a hit and followed with a golden photoshoot in the crisp hills of SLO. We hope you enjoy this dreamy shoot and feel inspired!

Reach for the stars my friends!

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