Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Seasonal Sunday

Just the other day I had an epiphany when shopping with Sam.  Isn’t it funny how when cold & flu season is at it’s peak, the only really ripe fruit is citrus?  As a mama, I am thanking God for all that vitamin C to fight off all the crazy germ brigade that the kids keep bringing home from school.  Obviously, we have been binging on clementines and oranges like they are going outta style (or at least out of season!).  It is all so yummy, but do not overlook the benefits of lemon.  Just google the benefits of lemon water and be prepared to be amazed!
teacher gift set_0007I love to incorporate lemon into a ton of my recipes.  The acidity of the juice and the fragrance of the oil is magical in so many dishes.  I love it so much that I have started making lemon infused olive oil to harness all that flavor in a pinch.

All ‘ya need is olive oil and the peel of some lemons!teacher gift set_0008Add a good quality olive oil (like The Groves on 41) and the peel of a lemon to a medium sized pot.teacher gift set_0009While you gently warm the olive oil over a medium low heat (DO NOT LET IT BOIL), peel a second lemon and stuff it into a heat safe glass container.teacher gift set_0010teacher gift set_0011The olive oil will grab lots of flavor from heating on the stove, but the fresh peel in the glass will continue to flavor the oil as it stores.teacher gift set_0012Once the olive oil has warmed nicely, grab a funnel and pour the oil over the fresh peel in the glass decanter.teacher gift set_0013teacher gift set_0014Leave behind the “cooked” peel.teacher gift set_0015I adore the color!!teacher gift set_0016Make sure to store the olive oil in the fridge….just so it stays safe and healthy (you do not want to grow any critters).

I use this lemon infused olive oil for so many dishes!  Pour it over a salad, in soup, your favorite sauce, over a nice cut of meat, or even drizzle it over a delicious cake.  So many possibilities while you enjoy the benefits of citrus this season!

Bon appetit!



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