Leather headphone holder for Dad

As we are inching nearer and nearer to Father’s day we are super excited to share some more easy  crafts you can bust out for dad. And yes surprise surprise they involve leather- so “manly.” Hahaha. I always love receiving gifts that are practical- whether it is something I need or something that will just make life better and in this case efficient- I am all for it! Here is an inexpensive and cool little organizer to pop in your dad’s backpack, car or briefcase to keep those headphones dialed and ready for action.




Wood burner

Start by cutting your leather into a smaller square, I didn’t make mine perfect, I kind of liked the abstract funky look. Plus then if you have random scraps you can use those too.

iphone headphone organization leather_0002iphone headphone organization leather_0003

Next I made a deep cut of about 1″ into the leather on both sides, but they didn’t meet.

iphone headphone organization leather_0004iphone headphone organization leather_0005

I did a quick wood burn and then wrapped it up….

iphone headphone organization leather_0007

iphone headphone organization leather_0006

Time for pops to rock out!!



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