Leather Business Card Holder

Sam and I have had an addiction to leather projects lately- what can I say we like the smell, color, texture and endless list of crafting it offers! And not gonna lie- we kinda hoarded a lot in our last trip to Art from Scrap. No shame! Ha! So with that we are super excited to be crafting up new accessories, house projects and even a few business perks- like business card holders. After all, gotta be styling when we pull a card for a future client…


Leather scraps at least 5 to 6 inches long


larger needle

Leather hole puncher


leather business card holder_0000

Start by making your basic form with the leather- I decided to add a little flair with an iridescent strip of leather. leather business card holder_0001

It’s ideal if you know the size/shape of your business card to scale everything…

leather business card holder_0002leather business card holder_0003leather business card holder_0004

Now that we have the pieces of the holder all ready, time to stitch it up!

Grab your leather hole puncher to create holes to make stitching easy as 1 2 3!leather business card holder_0005leather business card holder_0006

Once you have all your holes made it’s time to start sewing…

leather business card holder_0007

Start with tying a knot and then grab that needle!  I used a slip knot here to keep things secure.  I dove my needle right through the slip knot and tightened it down.  It worked like a gem.

leather business card holder_0008leather business card holder_0009

Instead of a simple running stitch, I doubled back so that I didn’t have any empty spaces when you looked at the stitches on the front of the piece.

leather business card holder_0010leather business card holder_0011leather business card holder_0012leather business card holder_0013

I decided to make my closure super simple.  Using the leather punch, I made a hole slightly larger than my stitching holes.

leather business card holder_0014Fold a piece of cording, leather, or hemp cording in half.leather business card holder_0015Poke the folded end through the hole and then sting the rest of the cording through the loop.  Sometimes I feel like I am talking in some sort of secret code.  Hopefully, you understand and get it 😉leather business card holder_0016Now simply fold the flap closure over, wrap your cording around a few times and tuck the ends in casually.leather business card holder_0017I am loving the texture!  This one I made a gift to Sam….brown leather is her jam!leather business card holder_0018leather business card holder_0019

And that’s a wrap!



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