Le Pain Quotidien


One of the best things about traveling down to LA every now-and-again is sharing some of my favorite haunts with my best buddy.  Sam and I literally speak the language of foodies.  Our pulse speeds up, our pitch rises, our volume increases, and we start to speak super quick as we finish each other’s sentences.

With that said, we kinda sounded like a couple of Smurfettes as we walked into Le Pain Quotidien for lunch. No joke, this establishment has such a vast selection of delicious eats that meet almost anyone’s dietary restrictions.  Including our requirement for delicious vacation eats.


This is a place where chia seed muffins, avocado toast, and soft boiled eggs sit delightfully on the menu next to Belgium chocolate brownies and sexy charcuterie platters.  This is most definitely a place where you must decide when you walk in the door if you are going to be good or naughty!


Find their full menu with rustic elegance here.


Aside from the glorious menu, the restaurant space is so cozy and inviting that it beckons you to come and stay awhile.  I adore the skylights, the worn soft wall paint, and the clear nod to the close relationship of wonderful dining with farming culture.

This is a cafe that you want to “do” lunch in…it is all about great food and encouraging great tete-a-tete conversation.  Le Pain Quotidien is all about breaking bread together.


As usual, Sam and I had the most difficult time narrowing down our menu selections.  There were soooo many tempting options, but here are selections from this visit (but, while we were eating, we were already planning what we would order on our next visit).

Chicken Curry Salad


Toasted Paris Ham & Gruyère Croissant

(You guys, the croissant was OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Flaky, buttery, and fresh!)


Prosciutto, Pear & Fig


The tartines were so amazing, but we could not leave without finishing our feasting with stuffing our faces with some fresh baked bread and their hazelnut spread, speculoos spread and chocolate spread…..of course washing it down with a soy latte (as if I had been healthy and calorically concerned at all!!!)

Geesh, how can something be soooo good!?!


I hope you get a chance to nosh at Le Pain Quotidien soon!

If ya do, think of us fellow foodies…and try to not speak Smurfette when you get excited about the menu.  People might stare 😉



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