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Well aren’t they precious? Meet Laura and Nick, two lovebirds who decided to not spend the stress and money on a wedding but rather elope and soak in their wedding day moment by moment in the beautiful woods of Rattlesnake Ridge in Seattle, Washington. Now hold fast before you start to drool over these breathtaking photos- this is not a Zest it Up event/design, to see the amazing team of vendors for this event scroll down. Zest it Up wants to inspire YOU to think outside the normal, and that’s exactly what Laura and Nick have done (true zesters at heart might I say). Laura and I met a few years back while I was living with her sister, Cassie, aka “cassafras” (gotta love roomie nicknames). Both being artsy, creative, and supposively having closets that could rival each other (or so Cassie would always say) I have always admired Laura’s creativity and I would think to see nothing less than AMAZING on her wedding day. So are you ready to see some AMAZING photos….

Lets start with their dreamy wedding video crafted by Janssen Powers Media to really set the scene….(hint hint make it BIG screen, you will wanna see every detail of beauty)

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Okay wipe the tears or drool (or both). Wasn’t that breathtaking. Not only is this such an inspiring wedding but Laura has an amazing story of faith to share as well, check out her website to see her art and what God has been doing in her life. Plus get some great advice on her blog if you are considering eloping too!

Thanks for zestin’ today!!


Team of Vendors:

photography: Benj Haisch Photography – see more from this wedding on his blog // videography: Janssen Powers Media // location: Rattlesnake Ridge North Bend, Washington // floral design: Ballard Blossom // wedding dress: Mara Hoffman for Free People // hairpiece: Twigs & Honey // shoes: Steve Madden // hair + makeup: Janae Allanson – // groom suit + bow tie: Imperial MotionAnna Runa

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  1. thanks for posting this sam! hope it inspires some of your readers to think outside the box a little bit for their wedding day… does zest it up do elopements? 😉 much love my friend, hope our paths cross again soon! x

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