Last Minute Finds for a Cocktail Party Emergency

Happy Thrift Thursday!  Maybe one of my favorite days, because it’s a chance to SHOP!!!!  Can I hear a woot-woot?!

This week, Sam and I had a special occasion for our thrifting spree.  We were invited to attend a cocktail bash for the release of The Wedding Standard’s new issue of their E-Zine.  We were super excited to have our work published (check out the Wizard of Oz shoot we collaborated with, page 6) and to mingle and network with some of the most fabulous peeps in our industry….but we were honestly in complete giddiness about having a chance to “put on the dog” and get ritzed up for an evening out with our hubbies and friends.  Ummmm, and after a whirlwind of six weeks straight of catering, we were eager to be served up some fabulous food as the party-goers for a change.

I digress….back to thrifting.  Sam and I did some whirlwind diving into stores randomly throughout our day, on the hunt to find the perfect outfits in amongst our “to do” lists.  What we came up with was pretty fun, so we wanted to share!


Sam was totally pulled together with fabulous accessories!  Check out the awesome boots and adorable cocktail ring!

photo(9) copy

photo(11) copyUmmm, I think we may work too hard to preserve any kind of worthwhile manicure.  So sad, but so true (you will see my sad nails in a sec, too).

And I found this awesome Arden B. dress of tan and chocolate netting for a measly $10!


The bronze shoes were another find….I liked how they repeated the organic wrap design in the dress.  But my fav was my new ring!

photo(10) copyWe were ready to party!

photo(4)photo(3)photo(15)photo(13)photo(1)Such a great group of beautiful people!!

photo(2) copyBeautiful people and some nerds, too.  Ummmm, yes, we love our dorky husbands!

Here’s to some great thrift finds and a great night!!


Chanda & Sam


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