La Jolla Getaway

Last weekend, my family and I decided to escape for just a few days to the beautiful beach town of La Jolla, CA. Only about an hour or so away from our house, but a great place to vacation for a few days to escape everyday stresses and my sisters burden of starting school up again that coming monday! We used those few days of rest to shut off our phones and have some quality family bonding. We walked everywhere, ate at amazing restaurants, went to a museum and the beach… It was exactly what everyone needed!


The beautiful beach known for its bathing seals on the shore, only a block down from our hotel, The Grand Colonial!



The first night we ate at Herringbone, one of La Jolla’s not so hidden gems, with its impeccable seafood and flawless interior design… I mean come on look at how amazing the interior looks!



Our walk back to the hotel wash’t too bad either!



The next morning, we decided to really work for our morning coffee and walked 3 miles south to Bird Rock… now thats dedication!


On our walk back, we decided to pop into the MOMAxSD (the Museum of Modern Art, San Diego) and checked out the Approximately Infinite Universe exhibit full of futuristic paintings




Not a bad view from the second story of the museum, huh?!



And finally, one last supper in this gorgeous beach town to give thanks to how lucky and blessed we are.

It was a great few days filled of bonding, being silly, and truly being thankful. And what a great place to do it in! ┬áSometimes it’s those little getaways that mean the most and really bring you back down to earth to remind you what really matters: Family. Hope you all have a relaxing week and are inspired to get reflective!

xx Brittany

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