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Many times we look at our monthly budget and find ourselves eating out too much since we always seem to be on the go. I think one of the most obvious ways to save some money and get thrifty is menu planning. Menu planning can be very time consuming and even boring at times. You often get into a rut where you find yourself making the same recipes over and over again and struggling to eat healthy but creatively. Well my friends have you heard of Gathered Table? They are awesome!! Not only do they strive to have healthy non-processed recipes but they are so organized. You can tell them your dietary restrictions, they create a menu plan and even a grocery shopping list and then you are able to save time and money- score!!! Here the video says it better here. 

With that said, meet object A. the very empty and blank wall in my kitchen, time to zest!

chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0034

First I measured how large I wanted the approximate menu to be

chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0029

Then busted out the power tools for some quick cuts on some awesome aged fence boards I found in a parking lot…chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0026

Always remember, measure twice cut once!

chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0028Next I penciled in a rectangle so I had guidelines of where to paint based off my measurements….
chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0031

Next I rolled on the chalk paint, it took a few coats but looked fabulous!
chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0032chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0033

Remember the edges don’t have to be perfectly in the lines since we are building a frame around the paint, phew!

chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0157

Chanda helped hold the level and wood while I stapled the boards into place…teamwork!chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0158

Boom Baby!chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0161

Now time to do some menu planning!!chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0162chalkboard wall kitchen menu_0163

Gotta love an organized kitchen that is also cute!!



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