Kid’s Jelly Bean Bracelet

Minion Monday

Looking for a fun spring craft to do with the kiddos this fine Sunday afternoon? Look no further!! While Chanda was down south visiting her sissy in LA her little one, Evie, was itching for some girl craft time. Who can blame the girl- she had been stuck with “the boys” for about a week now 🙂 Being a sister of three brothers I could relate so after school I snatched her up and she came over to make a zesty jelly bean bracelet. This may have involved fun costumes and sugar, lots of sugar. That’s what “auntie’s” are for, right?


Jelly Beans

Stretchy string

Large Embroidery Needle

I held the needle and she pressed each jelly bean on with me. What’s key is making sure the center of the jelly bean is pressed on so it doesn’t slip off the needle or thread. She had fun picking the colors and order to make a pattern 🙂

jelly bean bracelet_0003

Once we had enough jelly beans strung for her to rock the bracelet we tied it off and did a quick snip…
jelly bean bracelet_0005jelly bean bracelet_0006

Now time to chow!!jelly bean bracelet_0007

Happy soon to be a Easter y’all!



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