Kid’s Dollar Store Road Trip Activity Kit

It’s mid July and time is zooming by! I find that right about now is when I start freaking out about summer moving too fast. Do you feel the same way?? I mean, I love that my kids aren’t in school. We have time to enjoy longer, lazy days together. Everything feels a little bit magical when there aren’t a million schedules to juggle. It’s the season of BBQ’s, eating outdoors, going on hikes, chillin’ at the beach, and hitting the road for adventures. I think road trips are my favorite. I love being home, but sometimes work pulls my attention and sends me into a spiral of preoccupation (even in summer). So, road trips are my moment to carve out unabashedly mellow time with my fam. It’s time without the laptop and phone that replenishes my soul with my most favorite people on the planet.

I am big on “old school,” and love the memories that I have of talking about everything and nothing with my family as a youth while on the road. So, I tend to not let the kids do the whole screen-time thing on our trips. I want them to be present. So, I like making little travel activity kits that allow them to engage with our adventures and the rest of the family.

1 easy close bag from 99c Store
1 container of markers from 99c Store
1 pack of foam sheets from the 99c Store
1 magnifying glass from the 99c Store
52 popsicle sticks from the 99c Store
washi tape from the 99c Store
scissors from the 99c Store
white paper
fabric paint pens
hole punch
woodburning tool or permanent marker

First up, I like to make travel journals for the kids. Take several sheets of plain old computer papers and fold them in half. Place a foam sheet on the front and back. Using the hole punch, create several holes running down the side to make a “spine.” Then, just lace it up with some twine.

Have some fun thinking of different “topics” for your journals. I went with: “Things I Think,” “Things I Draw,” “Things I See,” and “Things I Collect.” The idea is to simply get your kiddos dreamin’ and schemin’….having fun documenting what your trip looks like through their eyes. Include some fun colored washi tape, so that they can keep momentos along the way.

Another fun addition is a magnifying glass. I made this dollar store one look a little more fun with a paint pen. Just watch out for little adventurers who might be tempted to burn dead leaves…no forest fires please LOL

Using the fabric paint pens, have some fun with creating a design that you know your little one will enjoy. Since I have two boys and a beautiful tom-boy, I went with a super simple car theme. Besides, roadtrippin’ is a huge part of who we are as a family!

Last up, I decided to turn some basic dollar store popsicle sticks into playing cards. Feel free to keep this simple by just using a permanent marker to make your card numbers, but I had fun using a wood burner. Be forewarned though….there are 52 cards in a deck, so burning is a bit time consuming! However, I really liked how they turned out. Why popsicle sticks as opposed to just regular old cards? I think they are more playful, and they are easier to pick up in the car. I like that these cards won’t get ripped or bent…and they are easier for little hands to hold.

Time to pack it all up!

I hope this idea inspires you for your road trips! Happy Summer to you and yours!!

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